Company Profile

Master chef's food ventures started by two friends in the year 2007 is the first company to sell steamed momos on a mobile vending kiosk in India. It was started in a humble way under the brand name "SNAKART" with just 1 kiosk as a trial and now grown into a popular brand in the city. The product was decided upon to give a healthy and affordable snack to the common man.

Intention of business –immense passion and the drive to create a brand in the hospitality industry and also to create job and business opportunities for the deserved.

Idea – to make high end restaurant snacks available to the common man at reasonable prices.



“Quality, hard work and commitment is helping us accomplish our passion.”


  P. Vijaikumar

Qualified as a hotel management professional, with 20 years of combined work experience, as a chef and business management professional in the hospitality industry. 

  Mahalakshmi Jayakumar

MBA from Leeds, UK. Operation management experience, for 14 years, both in the retail and hospitality industry.


Company Growth

Manufacturing Support

The customer response to momo kiosk initiative encouraged the entrepreneurs to set up a 4000 sq ft mechanized manufacturing unit at J.P.Nagar Bangalore. With the available infrastructure the company decided to develop its core strength "Manufacturing" to the next level. Hence came into existence the Back End Kitchen Assistance by Master Chef’s Food Ventures. This resourcefulness was developed to assist in the challenges in the industry such as manpower absenteeism and turnover, standardization of quality and wastages. Thus assisting in the production department of hotels, catering institutions, restaurant and snack shops.

Retail Sales

Being associated with Nilgiri's Super Markets opened the avenue of selling frozen products in the retail shelves. This was to enable customers to enjoy hygienically prepared restaurant quality food at their kitchens. This led to the third type of business i.e. retail sales.

Purpose & Objective

To facilitate hoteliers and caterers in their day-to-day food production. Our products enable:

  • Timely customer service
  • Reduction in overhead production costs
  • Bulk production
  • Increase in orders and business turnover
  • Standardisation
  • Ease in food production
  • In reducing production time
  • In reducing production wastage's


To simplify the immediate bulk cooking needs of caterers at the event of planned and unplanned occasions. (Events/Parties/Corporate catering)

To make high-end restaurant products available through retail & wholesale stores, to the common man at affordable prices.

What value we bring in? –


Production and Standardization-

Standardized quantity and quality maintained through a mechanized production centre.
Imported momo making machine, mincers, bowl choppers, fryers, grillers, vacuum packers and walk in cold rooms are part of the machinery.

3 floors, 4000 sq ft of fully equipped factory.

Hygienic and a well planned flow of the production process is followed.
Production staff are well trained personnel , who have no previous industry experience. This is to make sure that the created recipes are followed to maintain standardization of the products.



"SNAKART" we call it, our incredibly cute vending machine. The intention of creating a brand has been kept on mind right from the design of the kiosk, graphics and even the disposables used. Now after 7 years our brand is very popular among Bangaloreans and also across major cities. To keep the similarity we have branded our retail pack is also in the "SNAKART" brand.